About Us

We wish to bring many good things to life.

About Us

Innovation for Humanity

Innovation for Humanity

Cmax System is a B Corporation that provides Immediate Housing Solutions. It is created to dignify and improve the quality of life of people made homeless by natural disasters, war, and others. Founded and designed by the top social entrepreneur & industrial designer Nicolás García Mayor

We want to end the lack of appropriate housing during humanitarian crises. Our goal is to dignify the lives of millions of displaced people by providing them adequate shelter, especially in the immediate hours and days after a humanitarian crisis occurs. Cmax System is an innovative temporary urbanization solution that will include unique improvements to housing currently made available to displaced people.

Cmax is raised from the ground. Wet ground exposes tent residents to dirt, germs, and cold floors. The Cmax rigid floor with telescopic legs adapts to any type of ground or environment (concrete, stone, sand, and grass).

The cmax system can be deployed within hours of an event WITHOUT PRESSING NEED FOR TOOLS or cranes. Two people can easily assemble this shelter in 11 minutes due to its efficient lightweight design.

The Founder

Ten Outstanding Young Person of the World

Elevated floor + More durability + Easier assembly

Cmax System is designed with many unique characteristics: mobile, affordable, reusable, foldable, that floats, that contains the basic items for survival (All-in-One), real and immediate response, estimated assembly in 11 minutes without tools or technical skills, lightweight, rigid and raise floor, available sanitary unit, among other advantages.

Our Vision

…is of a world where the most vulnerable, unprotected and underserved people, above all concerns, have the access to a better, healthier, more dignified and happier life.

Our Mission

…is to work around the globe to provide, promote and support innovative ideas and sustainable solutions to help improve the quality of life of survivors of conflicts, displaced people by natural disasters, disease outbreaks and complex emergencies, by rapidly delivering humanitarian shelter and aid solutions.

Our Core Values

Throughout our work to deliver rapid and effective humanitarian relief to the most vulnerable people and communities, we have recognized these humanitarian core principles as being fundament to The Cmax System Inc, always challenging ourselves to ensure that each of our actions are build on these principles. They are reflected in all our campaigns, our programs and they guide whatever we do, wherever we do it and how we do it.

Innovation for Humanity

The cmax system can be deployed within hours of an event without pressing need for tools or cranes.
Two people can easily assemble this shelter in 11 minutes due to its efficient lighweight design.

SURVIVAL KIT INCLUDES: Water containers, Water purification, Sleeping bag, Flashlight Dynamo solar radio, First aid kit, Mosquito nets

Non-perishable foodSurvival kits can be equipped according
to the requirements of the catastrophe.

Multiple units can be stacked together to achieve extremely efficient storage and transportation on different means of  transport and be shipped to the disaster site quickly.

Cmax is different from other products in the aid market today. Nowadays, there are tents and rigid modules to assist  refugees and Cmax is a great combination of the best features of tents and the best features of rigid modules.

Meet Our People

We are group of people working for the world that we want to see


If you are a master problem solver and are willing to do whatever it takes to rid the world’s refugee and displaced people, we want you at Cmax System Inc.